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East Nashville Area

Welcome to East Nashville. Get ready to call this place home!

The Perfect Neighborhood For You

The community just across the river from Broadway is a hub for artists, entrepreneurs, and families alike in Nashville. This neighborhood is teeming with unbeatable food, vintage shops, and cool little hidden spots that can only be discovered by spending time exploring.

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East Nashville Culture

For starters, the food in East Nashville is exquisite. There are so many options and they are all. so. good. If you're craving something with a Mexican flair, grab a margarita at Rosepepper Cantina or just about anything on the menu at Mas Taco Por Favor. Though the trophy for best burger place in Nashville is the center of fierce debate, many have cast their vote for The Pharmacy. For an experience like no other, gather your friends and try to get a seat in the actual treehouse at The Treehouse Restaurant. Or maybe you want ramen? The good folks over at Two Ten Jack serve up Nashville's finest. No matter where you look in East Nashville, there is probably a restaurant that serves delicious food.

Beyond that, the culture of East Nashville has created some really unique vintage shops and boutiques. Fanny's House of Music, a favorite of Taylor Swift, is a literal house that has been converted into a musician's dream, complete with instruments that you can rent or purchase. Fond Object Records may sound like your run-of-the-mill vinyl store, but they actually sell everything you could want in a vintage shop. This East Nashville staple has vinyl records, stereos, boots, vintage band t-shirts, retro box sets, locally designed clothing, AND a real petting zoo. You could spend hours just wandering around and looking at stuff!

The laid back atmosphere of East Nashville fosters creativity and individual expression. Even as East Nashville has continued to grow exponentially over the past decade, its residents have been proactive in retaining the creative, community-centered culture that locals have enjoyed for years. 

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