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The Top Places to Shop in Nashville, TN

The Top Places to Shop in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN, known for its rich musical heritage and vibrant culture, also boasts an array of unique shopping destinations that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. From trendy boutiques in 12South to upscale stores at The Mall at Green Hills and eclectic shops in the Wedgewood-Houston area, Nashville offers a shopping experience as varied and exciting as the city itself. Let’s explore some of the top places to shop in Nashville.

Shops in 12South

12South is a lively and trendy neighborhood that has become a hub for boutique shopping, dining, and entertainment. The area is known for its walkability and charming, tree-lined streets, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely shopping day.

Imogene + Willie

One of the most iconic stores in 12South is Imogene + Willie. This denim boutique is renowned for its high-quality, American-made jeans. The store, housed in a renovated service station, offers a unique shopping experience with its industrial-chic décor and personalized customer service.

Draper James

Founded by Nashville native Reese Witherspoon, Draper James is a must-visit for fans of Southern-inspired fashion. The store’s bright and welcoming interior is filled with stylish clothing, accessories, and home décor items that reflect Witherspoon’s Southern roots.

White’s Mercantile

Described as a “general store for the modern-day tastemaker,” White’s Mercantile offers a curated selection of home goods, gifts, and gourmet foods. The store’s rustic yet chic aesthetic and unique product offerings make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

MODA Boutique

MODA Boutique is another standout in 12South. It offers a range of trendy women’s clothing and accessories. The boutique’s fashion-forward selections and personalized styling services make it a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts.

Stores at The Mall at Green Hills

For those seeking a more traditional shopping mall experience, The Mall at Green Hills is Nashville’s premier destination. This upscale shopping center features a mix of luxury retailers, popular brands, and gourmet dining options.


Nordstrom at The Mall at Green Hills is a shopper’s paradise, offering a wide range of high-end fashion, beauty products, and accessories. Known for its exceptional customer service and extensive selection, Nordstrom is a must-visit for anyone looking for the latest trends.

Louis Vuitton

Luxury shoppers will appreciate the presence of Louis Vuitton, where they can browse the latest collections of handbags, luggage, and accessories from the iconic French fashion house.


For those who love to cook or entertain, Williams-Sonoma offers an array of high-quality kitchenware, home furnishings, and gourmet foods. The store’s cooking demonstrations and knowledgeable staff make it a delightful shopping experience.


Fashion-forward shoppers will enjoy Zara, known for its trendy and affordable clothing for men, women, and children. The store’s ever-changing inventory ensures that there is always something new to discover.

Stores in the Wedgewood-Houston Area

The Wedgewood-Houston (WeHo) area is an emerging neighborhood known for its artistic vibe and eclectic mix of shops, galleries, and eateries. This area is perfect for unique, locally-made products and a more off-the-beaten-path shopping experience.

Nashville Craft Distillery

While primarily a distillery, Nashville Craft Distillery also offers a selection of locally-made spirits and merchandise. Visitors can enjoy a tasting and tour while shopping for artisanal spirits and unique gifts.

Fort Houston Artisan Support Project

Fort Houston is a creative space that supports local artisans and makers. The space often hosts pop-up markets and events where visitors can purchase handmade goods, from furniture and home décor to jewelry and artwork.

David Lusk Gallery

Art lovers should not miss the David Lusk Gallery, which features contemporary art from regional and national artists. The gallery’s rotating exhibitions provide a fresh and inspiring shopping experience for those looking to invest in unique artworks.

Relik Vintage

For vintage enthusiasts, Relik Vintage offers an extensive collection of clothing, accessories, and home décor from various eras. The store’s eclectic mix of vintage finds makes it a treasure trove for those seeking one-of-a-kind items.

Nashville’s shopping scene is as dynamic and diverse as the city itself, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re strolling through the trendy boutiques of 12South, exploring the upscale stores at The Mall at Green Hills, or discovering unique finds in the Wedgewood-Houston area, you’re sure to have a memorable shopping experience. So, carve out some time to explore these top shopping destinations next time you're in Nashville. You never know what treasures you might find!

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