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Hiking in Nashville, TN

Hiking in Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee, known for its vibrant music scene and rich cultural heritage, also offers a surprising wealth of natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Hiking in Nashville provides an excellent opportunity to explore the city's lush landscapes, diverse wildlife, and scenic trails. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, Nashville's hiking trails offer a perfect escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

Radnor Lake State Park

Radnor Lake State Park is a true gem for nature lovers and hikers alike. Located just a short drive from downtown Nashville, this 1,300-acre park is a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The park features over six miles of trails that wind through serene forests, around the picturesque lake, and across rolling hills.

One of the most popular trails at Radnor Lake is the Lake Trail, a 1.3-mile path that offers stunning views of the lake and its surrounding flora and fauna. The trail is relatively flat, making it accessible for hikers of all skill levels. For a more challenging hike, the Ganier Ridge Trail provides a steeper climb and offers panoramic views from the ridge.

Radnor Lake State Park is also a prime spot for birdwatching. With over 240 species of birds recorded, including herons, owls, and bald eagles, the park is a birdwatcher's paradise. Whether hiking along the trails or enjoying the view from one of the park's observation decks, Radnor Lake offers a peaceful and scenic retreat from the city's hustle.

Kohl's Greenway Trailhead

The Kohl's Greenway Trailhead is part of the expansive Nashville Greenways system, which provides interconnected trails throughout the city. This particular trailhead offers access to a series of paved paths that are perfect for both hiking and biking.

The greenway runs alongside scenic creeks and through wooded areas, providing a tranquil environment for a leisurely hike. The trails are well-maintained and clearly marked, making navigating easy for visitors. The Kohl's Greenway is also family-oriented, with gentle slopes and shaded sections ideal for a relaxing outing.

In addition to its natural beauty, Kohl's Greenway Trailhead is conveniently located near shopping and dining options, allowing hikers to enjoy a well-rounded day out. Whether you're looking for a short stroll or a longer hike, this trailhead offers a versatile and enjoyable experience.

Percy Warner Hiking Trailhead

Percy Warner Park, part of the Warner Parks system, is one of Nashville's largest and most beloved green spaces. Spanning over 2,600 acres, the park offers a variety of trails that cater to different skill levels and preferences. The Percy Warner Hiking Trailhead is the gateway to some of the most scenic and challenging trails in the park.

One of the standout trails is the Mossy Ridge Trail, a 4.5-mile loop that takes hikers through dense forests, past moss-covered rocks, and along serene streams. The trail features moderate elevation changes, making it a great workout for more experienced hikers. For those seeking a less strenuous hike, the Warner Woods Trail offers a 2.5-mile loop with equally beautiful scenery.

Percy Warner Park is also a hub for equestrians and cyclists. The park's extensive trail network and diverse landscapes provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. With its towering trees, scenic vistas, and abundant wildlife, Percy Warner Park is a must-visit for anyone interested in hiking in Nashville, TN.

Richland Creek Greenway - McCabe Trailhead

The Richland Creek Greenway is another fantastic hiking option in Nashville. This greenway connects several parks and neighborhoods, offering a seamless and scenic route for hikers and cyclists. The McCabe Trailhead serves as a convenient starting point for exploring this urban oasis.

The trail follows Richland Creek, providing picturesque views of the water and surrounding greenery. Along the way, hikers can enjoy a mix of wooded areas, open fields, and charming bridges. The Greenway is well-shaded and relatively flat, making it accessible for hikers of all ages and abilities.

One of the highlights of the Richland Creek Greenway is its proximity to the historic Sylvan Park neighborhood. After a hike, visitors can explore the area's quaint streets, local shops, and cozy cafes. The greenway's blend of natural beauty and urban convenience makes it a popular choice for both locals and tourists.

Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & Greenway

Shelby Bottoms Nature Center & Greenway offers a unique blend of outdoor recreation and environmental education. Located along the Cumberland River, this expansive greenway features over five miles of trails that traverse diverse habitats, including wetlands, meadows, and forests.

The trails at Shelby Bottoms are mostly paved, making them accessible for hikers, cyclists, and even strollers. The greenway also connects to the larger Nashville Greenways network, providing opportunities for extended hikes and bike rides. Along the trails, interpretive signs offer insights into the area's natural history and wildlife.

Stones River Greenway Trailhead

The Stones River Greenway is a picturesque trail that follows the course of the Stones River, offering stunning views and a peaceful hiking experience. The trailhead provides access to a well-maintained path that winds through scenic landscapes, including lush forests and open fields.

One of the key attractions of the Stones River Greenway is its connection to the historic Stones River Battlefield. Hikers can explore the battlefield and learn about its significance during the Civil War, adding a historical dimension to their outdoor adventure. The trail also features several access points to the river, where visitors can enjoy fishing, kayaking, and picnicking.

The Stones River Greenway is part of the greater Nashville Greenways system, ensuring that hikers can extend their journey and explore more of the city's natural beauty. With its serene environment and historical landmarks, the Stones River Greenway is a captivating destination for hiking in Nashville, TN.

Find Your Ideal Home Near Nature's Trails

As you explore the stunning hiking trails in Nashville, TN, you may fall in love with the city's natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle. Whether you're drawn to the tranquil landscapes, the vibrant community, or the convenience of having nature at your doorstep, Nashville offers a perfect blend of urban living and outdoor adventure.

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